Steps to help you
pass the CSP

Review CSP Objectives

Take a 10 question
Practice Test

To download the Java software necessary to take test CLICK HERE

Take CSP when
you are ready

Review Instructions

Before taking the CSP exam at MDC, all students are strongly recommended to do the following 4 steps:

1. Click on "Review CSP Objectives"

2. Click on the "take 10 item practice test" tab. The practice test consists of 10 questions from seven different categories, including Basic Concepts, File Management, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database, Presentations, and Information & Communication. After viewing your results, you can take the practice test again.

If it is not already installed in your browser, download the Java software needed to administer the CSP Assessment. After the download is complete "Run" the application to install the software, then proceed with the instructions to administer the assessment.

3. If you are ready to take the CSP exam, please make plans to take the test on campus, in person, or on a remote testig basis. Click Here.

4. Review the Step-by-Step Instructions for Taking CSP